Stainless steel  yin yang ring

Stainless steel yin yang ring

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Yin Yang stainless steel ring

 For men or woman materiel made to last.


The yin-yang meaning and symbols date back to ancient China. The symbol represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.

The Basic Philosophy of Yin Yang

According to yin yang philosophy, the universe and everything in it are both constant and cyclical. In this infinite cycle, one force dominates and is then replaced by the opposing force. Examples illustrating the yin yang philosophy include:

  • Life and death
  • Heaven and earth
  • Night and day
  • Dark and light
  • Health and sickness
  • Poverty and wealth
  • Cycle of the seasons from spring to winter
  • Cold and hot
  • Positive and negative

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