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We launched Fanatic Deal with the goal of offering free products. This means that we will send you a free product and you will have to pay for the delivery. But why would you do that? In fact, it's pretty simple ... We're sure you'll love what we sell and use it a lot. People will ask where you bought them ... and you will tell them online at Fanatic Deal! This will create word-of-mouth advertising for our paid product line, which is much more powerful than traditional advertising. Since our launch, many of the customers who have had free jewelry have made additional purchases. That's where our brand makes a profit and it's our business model.

Am I afraid of losing money? I'm afraid to pay online, it's 100% safe. In fact, we do not even have access to your payment information. All payments are processed by a payment processor authorized by a third party. They use the latest generation encryption protocols and security measures that only leading scientists understand. You can not be surer than that.

Are there any hidden fees? No ... What you see is what you pay. We are 100% transparent with our costs. We cover product costs, but you will still need to cover the shipment. Handling and shipping costs vary depending on your location. To know the exact shipping cost to your location, you will need to add products to your cart and checkout. After completing your address, our system will calculate the exact cost of shipping and handling. But some people say bad things ... Some people do not hesitate to go on social networks and to complain/spread rumors nowadays.

Consider contact Fanatic Deal, if there is a problem that is unlikely and could be easily resolved by our team. You will not find a single customer who has not been happy with us. 80% of our customers come back So all this is legitimate? And now you understand why it's not a "too good to be true", it's just a promotion where everyone gets something back, you get a ring bracelet or some other fantastic item, and were rewarded by your loyalty your sharing to our brand.


Shipping information on free stuff once you place our order. 

  • Shipping is almost all from China just like most of  70% of all online stores.
  • Free product's shipping cost is about 6$ to 8 $ or if your order is over 50$ shipping is all free.
  • You will receive our order in 20 to 40 days. 
  • Normal purchases will take between 10 and 20 days

Informations d'expédition sur les produit Gratuit une fois que vous passez notre commande.

  • L'expédition est presque tout de la Chine comme presque  70% de tous les magasins en ligne.
  • Le coût d'expédition du produit gratuit est d'environ 6$ à 8 $ ou si votre commande est supérieure à 50 $, l'expédition est gratuite.
  • Vous recevrez votre commande dans 20 à 40 jours.
  • Les achats normal prendront entre 10 et 20 jour

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